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  • YOU CARE (Track Review)

    Aero Flynn release a new, vibrant single. THANKS FOR WATCHING!!!!

    My Bandcamp: RAINN:
  • I saw Sun Kil Moon!!!!

    I saw Sun Kil Moon at the Aladdin Theater in Portland, Oregon. In this video, I describe the show and my relationship with Mark Kozelek's music. Thanks for watching!!!

    Sufjan Stevens releases a gorgeous track from his upcoming mixtape "The Greatest Gift". Get it here - Thanks for watching!!!
  • My Vinyl Collection PART ONE!!!!

    In this video, I show off some of my record collection. Records in this video: S U R V I V E - mnq026 Aphex Twin - Richard D. James Album https://aphext...
  • Kauan - Kaiho (Album Review)

    Kauan returns with a stunning piece of post-rock, evoking feelings of nostalgia, wonder, and melancholy. Buy this album: 10/10 Fav Tracks: ALL...
  • The Killers - Wonderful Wonderful (REVIEW)

    The Killers' first studio album in five years is a mixed bag of powerful anthems and melodramatic ballads. 6/10 Fav Tracks: Run for Cover, Wonderful Wonderful, Tyson vs. Douglas Least Fav:...
  • We Lost The Sea - Departure Songs

    On their third studio album, We Lost The Sea fully embraces instrumental post-rock. Buy this album: 8/10 Fav Songs: A Gallant Gentleman,...
  • SOME KIND OF LOVE (Track Review)

    The Killers release another solid single from their upcoming album, "Wonderful Wonderful." 8/10 Hype for the new album: 8/10 Realize that this is an OPINION.

    The Brooklyn bros are back at it with a seventh studio album, titled "Sleep Well Beast," a very pretty sounding piece of work, but unfortunately lacking much in the way of substance. Favorite...
  • Carin at the Liquor Store (Review)

    The National release another track from their upcoming album, "Sleep Well Beast", full of pretty sounds, but not really developing at all. Highs: Bryce Dessner's guitar playing/textures Lows:...
  • Brief, Brutal Review of "Everything Now"

    Indie rock GIANTS return with an incredibly flawed dance record that at times, is almost unlistenable. Favorite Tracks: Everything Now, Creature Comfort Least Favorite: Electric Blue.
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