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Tom Salazar


    The second part of "Top 10 Best Dragon Type Pokémon" is here, this time with Legendary Pokémon only. Check out the part one (No Legendaries) clicking this link:

    In the last poll of this channel, Dragon type won! There are just too much good Dragons, and if I also include Legendaries, the Top 10 would be entirely Legendary. So I split them in 2 videos!...
  • Dark Type Pokémon Trainers

    Dark Type Pokemon: Shiny Dark Type Pokémon:
  • Lavender Town (Happy Halloween)

    HAPPY HALOWEEN Sorry for the late upload of this video, I was attending a Halloween Party Enjoy this brief trip to Lavender Town!At the end of this video, check out...
  • Froslass The Ice Queen

    Who wants to be part of Froslass's decoration? Echoes of Time by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (
  • Cacturne (Pokémon Creepypasta)

    Who wants hugs from this Pokémon? I bet you won't see Cacturne the way you did anymore Cylinder Eight by Chris Zabriskie is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution...
  • Ghost Type Pokémon Trainers

    Notable Trainers who specialize in Ghost-type Pokémon are Agatha of the Indigo Plateau Elite Four, Morty of Ecruteak City, Phoebe of the Hoenn Elite Four, Fantina of Hearthome City, Shauntal...
  • Hypno's Lullaby (Pokémon Creepypasta)

    CREEPYPASTA Maybe you've heard this before but not in my version! HYPNO'S LULLABY LYRICS: Come little children, come with me Safe and happy, you will be Away from home, now let us...
  • Creepiest Pokédex Entries

    A pokémon that is waiting for your soul! A boy that turn into a Pokémon! Which one do you think is the creepiest one?
  • Halloween Pokémon Parade (Oct 20th - Nov 5th)

    The never ending nightmare has just begun... OCTOBER: 20-Creepiest Pokedex Entries 21-Shiny Ghost Pokemon 22-Hypno's Lullaby 23-Ghost Type Trainers 24-Cacturne 25-Top 10 Best Ghost...