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Dan and Phil

  • DanAndPhilGAMES

    Two British guys gaming together. Check out our videos and subscribe for Let's Plays, Challenges, Reviews and more!
  • Can Dan and Phil survive Fortnite?!

    NEW USA TOUR DATES!! PHILADELPHIA AND ST. AUGUSTINE! Come see us IRL: We play Fortnite and try and survive an arena full of bloodthirsty strangers! It's like...
  • Dan and Phil's Furry Throwdown!

    Come see this 'friendly banter' on stage in REAL LIFE! Subscribe for a free pair of shoes: We...
  • Why is Dan in every WikiHow Article?!

    We play another game of GUESS THE WIKIHOW matching weird art to people's problems. COME SEE US LOSE FAITH IN HUMANITY LIVE ON TOUR: Subscribe for a free bag of wikihow...
  • Daniel Howell

    hello i'm dan i make videos about how awkward i am and people laugh at me.
  • Dan vs. Phil: ZELDA OLYMPICS!

    We play a TRIFORCE of Hyrule sports in a brand new Dan vs Phil in Breath of the Wild! COME AND SEE US LIVE! WE NEED MORE FRIENDS! Subscribe for a free Sand Seal:...
  • AmazingPhil

    AmazingPhil - I share my strange life with the internet! Subscribe to see what happens next ^_^ Follow me! Banner design by:
  • UK vs JAPAN School Lunches! with Dan and Phil

    We compare a Japanese Bento to a UK Lunch box with.. interesting results! Watch all 3 seasons of Food Wars on Crunchyroll with a 30-day free trial by clicking here:
  • Dan and Phil AND DOGS!

    Get a Calendar here for 365 days of doggo joy! Worldwide: USA: AUS: We filmed behind the scenes of our...
  • Dan and Phil Video Bloopers 2017!

    Come and see us LIVE on tour in 2018!! Someone sneezed on me over Christmas so I decided to make a lil compilation of bloopers from my duvet cave. Subscribe to...
  • A Festive Day in the Life of Dan and Phil!

    Grab some hot chocolate and a mince pie and join us on a Christmassy day in the life of Dan and Phil! Subscribe to Dan and Phil GAMES -
  • TEENAGE ANGST TIME - Dan and Phil Play: Sims 4 #49

    Come see us in real life before the world ends! Dab and Evan get awkward and angsty as they experience life as TEENS. Subscribe for a free oil lamp:
  • DIL GETS A DOG - Dan and Phil Play: Sims 4 #46

    DAN AND PHIL 2018 TOUR TICKETS ON SALE NOW: Watch our video trailer here! Subscribe for a free Raccoon:
  • Would Phil Hate Dan To Save The World?

    Watch us do something even more impossible IN REAL LIFE: We debate if we will 'PUSH THE BUTTON' and find out if we're awful people or not. Subscribe for free goose...
  • GAMINGMAS BEGINS! - Dan and Phil Play: Shelter 2

    COME AND SEE US ON TOUR! Subscribe for a free Lynx cub! We kick off GAMINGMAS in the snowy...
  • Dan and Phil vs. Tumblr

    We go to the deep dark corners of Tumblr ..and what we see, cannot be unseen. click here: to subscribe to my channel to be told...
  • Phil is not on fire 9

    COME AND SEE US ON 2018 TOUR! The whiskers are back and we're feeling fine, let's see what happens in Phil is not on fire 9! New merch! 10% off with code BLACKFRIDA...
  • danisnotFIREBOY and AmazingWATERGIRL!

    We get nostalgic about sharing keyboards/getting mad and play Fireboy and Watergirl! Subscribe for some free gems: DAN...

    We hit 3000000 subscribers! So to celebrate are all our worst moments. BLOOPERS Subscribe for more professional content:
  • Dan and Phil play TRUTH BOMBS! (with Tom and Hazel)

    Find out more and where you can get Truth Bombs online or in store here! Subscribe for a free chainsawgun:

    Dan and I transform into soft, calm and colourful Pastel Edits in real life! Subscribe to me! Subscribe to Dan!

    today we go through an account that supposedly exposes dan and phil. enjoy! - SOCIAL MEDIA instagram: @nazoir tumblr: @nazoir twitter: @nazoir goodreads: @nazoir snapchat: @nazguv3n.