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Hang the DJ

  • The Smiths - Panic (Official Music Video)

    Watch the official music video for "Panic" Amazon: iTunes: Google: Facebook: Panic...
  • Mike Smash Hang The DJ part 1

    Mike Smash (Paul Whitehouse) looked at the lives, times and embarrassing fashions of four radio disc jockeys who became household names via BBC Radio 1 in the year 1992, when the station was...
  • The Smiths - Cover - Panic, Hang the DJ

    Get more on CD: This one is dedicate to J. B., my Morrissey guru, from England. I've done it as a birthday present...
  • Hang the DJ

    The song I love so much. Although the same song as in the last clip I made, but doesn't matter.
  • The Smiths - Panic (Hang the DJ) cover

    The Smiths - Panic (Hang the DJ) cover SUBSCRIBE - TWITTER - FACEBOOK - ELLO -
  • HANG THE DJ - Dark Dark In The Night (Official)

    Download "Dark Dark In The Night" on iTunes or listen on Spotify Official music video for Hang The DJ's "Dark Dark In The Night". Twitter: https://tw...
  • Exposition - Hang The DJ ft Noni Kai - 2007

    Off the album - Take a Penny Leave a Penny: This features on my latest compilation... Kill the DJ - Download Link:
  • Maressey - Panic (Hang The Dj)

    Dubstep invades Ponyville and many ponies have just had their fill of it and are furious by their sleepless nights and vibrating buildings. Applejack in particular says enough is enough and...