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Jimmi Simpson

  • jimmi simpson BEST screaming compilation

    glenn WHO? i don't know her! (This video contains spoilers for Westworld, Hap and Leonard, and Breakout Kings, in order of how likely you all are to care about being spoiled.)
  • Puzzle or Guzzle Challenge ft. Jimmi Simpson

    Can Westworld's Jimmi Simpson drink mayonnaise soda faster than us? The HBO star joins us to solve puzzles and guzzle gross liquids. GMM #1283.1 Follow Jimmi Simpson on Twitter:
  • Google Translate Movies ft. Jimmi Simpson

    Jimmi Simpson, Rhett, and Link recreate some of cinema's most iconic lines -- from The Godfather to Mary Poppins -- after running the quotes through Google Translate. GMM #1283.2 Follow Jimmi...
  • Jimmi Simpson | This Week on GMM

    This week on GMM, Westworld's Jimmi Simpson joins us to reenact famous movie scenes & guzzle some nasty liquids after doing puzzles, try to guess what Keke Palmer is screaming about, test our...
  • Jimmi Simpson on The Newsroom!

    Does Maggie have a new love interest?! I hope so, because Jimmi Simpson (Breakout Kings, White House Down, Person of Interest) is an awesomely entertaining actor.