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  • Top 10 Comedic Performances by Serious Actors

    Everybody plays the fool…even the most noble of actors. Join as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Comedic Performances by Serious Actors. Subscribe▻▻http://www.y...
  • Top 10 Comedic Anime Series

    The following list is for those of us who could use a good laugh today, tomorrow, and for the rest of our otaku lives. Join as we count down our picks for the Top 10...
  • Comedic Monologue - Killing Chuck

    Just having fun with a little comedic monologue I came across! It's called "Killing Chuck" by Gabriel Davis, but I threw in a little improv of my own!!
  • Minty Comedic Arts

    Satirical, political, and pop cultural look at comedy which intellectually challenges our perceptions.
  • 21 Times Leslie Nielsen Was A Comedic Genius

    You're excited! You should feel my nipples! Welcome to Next of Ken and today, we're counting down 21 Times Leslie Nielsen Was a Comedic Genius. Starting off as a leading man for romance movies,...
  • Comedic Teen Monologue

    Hope you enjoy. Comment any tips or advice for me :) Here's a link to the PDF with the monologue
  • Comedic Monologue - "Condoms"

    Zaia does a comedic monologue in which a young man buys condoms for the first time from an elderly female cashier.
  • Bucket List Night (Comedic Short)

    Soren learns some disturbing facts about his roommate Dan when they share their "Bucket Lists." (Directed by Justin Viar, Written by Soren Bowie, Starring Soren Bowie and Dan Campagna)
  • "Teenage Life Sucks" monologue- *comedic*

    Actor Emely Martinez Comedy Monologue Videos comedic monologue, female Go to to see more videos by this actor. See more Comedy Monologue...
  • Gene Wilder: Master Of The Comedic Pause

    A version without music can be found here: "A moment of silence for the master of the comedic pause. Gene Wilder: funny doing something & funny...
  • Top 10 Lead Comedic Female TV Characters

    When these ladies are on screen, hilarity ensues. Welcome to MsMojo, and today we'll be counting down our picks for the top 10 Lead Comedic Female TV Characters. Subscribe▻▻
  • Top 10 Comedic Video Games

    Who says that all video games need to be played with a straight face? Join as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Comedic Video Games. Suggestion Tool▻▻http://www.Wa...
  • Comedic Monologue "Fanny" Jess Tomasko

    "Fanny" is a monologue for a female actress from the scene "Gossip" in the published play "The Weird, Wild and Wonderful Days of School" by D. M. Larson (ISBN-13: 978-1482739626)
  • Almost 16 | Comedic Teen Monologue

    Hope you like it, comment any advice you have. And subscribe for more videos like this! Monologue: Almost 16 by Gabriel Davis
  • Kate McKinnon: Comedic Lesbian Heartthrob

    "Your people" thank you, for all your gayness. Songs: "It Takes Two" by Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock, "Cake by the Ocean" by DNCE, "She's a Lady" by Tom Jones, and "Good Girls" by Elle King. Video...
  • Comedic Monologue

    UPDATE: I wrote and performed this monologue quite some time ago. But I've since then landed an agent worked on several productions and while I LOVE acting. My true passion is hosting. So,...