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jurassic world theory

  • Top 5 Jurassic World Theories

    Indominus Rex Survived: Delta Survived: Stupendous Wave's Video:
  • The Fan Theory That Fixes Jurassic World

    You can explain away a lot of the emotionless, robotic acting in 'Jurassic World' if you imagine that some of the main characters are, well, emotionless robots in a dinosaur theme park. SUBSCRIBE...
  • Jurassic World Conspiracy Theory

    Could it be possible that a huge secret was hidden right in front of our eyes the whole time? Don't forget to drop a LIKE and SUBSCRIBE for more! New Facebook Fan Page!
  • Jurassic World Did Delta Survive

    I finally give my thoughts on the theory. Watch Blue to see if her movements match up with the sounds on screen: Raptor Squad's Video: https://www.yout...
  • Is Skull Island Site C? (Skull Island Theory)

    Site C: Follow Me --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Twitter: