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Grunge   30 March, 2017

Download Youtube: The Darkest Shows You'll Find On Netflix

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Please Note: Series availability on Netflix is subject to change and differs from country to country.

Netflix is an amazing repository of insanity, weirdness, and human suffering. Oh, don't misunderstand, it's also incredibly entertaining. But between their original shows and the decades worth of classic series available to binge watch, let's just say that the dark corners of Netflix are truly dark indeed. So what are the weirdest, darkest shows on Netflix? Hey, glad you asked…

Stranger Things | 0:23
The OA | 0:56
American Horror Story | 1:37
Making a Murderer | 2:08
Black Mirror | 2:40
Jessica Jones | 3:10
Attack on Titan | 3:38
The X-Files | 4:18
Dexter | 4:52
The Returned | 5:21
Hemlock Grove | 5:55
Sense8 | 6:24
The Fall | 6:52
Twin Peaks | 7:24

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